What Is A HoodRat??

A Ho’ of ANY RACE who lives in the ghetto or public housing with no intent to make it out of there. A hoodrat is usually unemployed and won’t seek employment because they instead chose to live off of government assistance, child support payments, and food stamps. They often have unplanned hoodrat children with one or multiple “male hoodrat ex-con baby daddies”, some of which end up in jail again because of a HoodRat Bitch. Food stamps are often spent on Flammin’ Hot Cheetos. Any money that they do have gets spent on Ciroc, Weed, Coke, Hair Weave, Fake Nails, Fake Eye Contacts, Fle’ Market Hood Gear & “Jordans”. That’s A HoodRat. Click Banner Below To View What They do in our Trap House.